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Grass Slashing

With 30 years experience in grass slashing we have the expertise and equipment to handle any slashing job.

We have a variety of tractors from 75hp to 150hp, some fitted with turf tyres and a variety of attachments for all terrain types and finish qualities. 

Our services include;

  • Broad acre slashing

  • Road side slashing

  • Large open space parks and gardens

  • Hobby farm paddocks

  • Fire breaks

Reach Mowing

We have a number of reach mower attachments with up to 6 meters of reach.

Our operators are highly experienced and skilled enabling them to handle any difficult access mowing work. They have great reputation for efficiently producing high quality work for our customers.

Reach mowers are great for hard access jobs such as;

  • Mowing around road side barriers

  • Mowing along dams and river banks

  • Mowing vertical banks

  • Clearing light bush along road sides 

  • Hedging trees back along road sides

Steep Batter Mowing

If you have steep banks, batters or hill sides in paddocks that need mowing, our low profile tractors with slasher or flail mower attachments can take care of them. Because of their low profile design, these tractors are capable of safely traversing slopes up to 40 degrees. 

The 70hp tractor fitted with a 6ft flail head and hammer cutters can clear dense under growth, sapling trees and grass with ease. 

Remote Control Steep Batter Mowing

If you have steep banks, batters and hill sides that need grass mowing or forest under growth cleared but it's not suitable for a manned machine to work in the area we can assist with our remote controlled mower.

The machine is fitted with a 5ft flail head and Y blades. It's capable of clearing dense under growth with a trunk size up to 20mm.

Interested in our Grass Slashing services?

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