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Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing

Keeping the bush and access tracks clear around your assets is vitally important in stopping the threat of bush fires from causing damage or worse, totally destroying your property.

The use of forestry mulchers to handle these problems is quickly catching on in Australia. This method provides a number of benefits over the out dated method of heaping and burning; No burning required which means there's no smoke pollution; and the vegetation is mulched into small particles that are left to break down in the soil.

We offer 2 types of mulching machines;

We have a Terex PT110F skid steer. This skid steer is fitted with a level 2 ROPS and FOPS protection system that meets DELWP standards. It's fitted with an FAE mulching head that's able to mulch trees up to 20 cms. This machine is great for flat ground or gradual banks.  

We also have a 15 ton Sumitomo zero tail swing excavator. It has been fitted with a level 2 ROPS and FOPS system also. It has also been equipped with an FAE mulching head. The size of this machine makes it great for tight access jobs such as small bush tracks. It also has rubber pads fitted to the tracks so it can be operated on the bitumen. This machine is great for working along roads clearing steep banks.

Interested in our Forestry Mulching services?

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