Environmental Landscaping 
Environmental Landscaping completed by GLS

Designing and maintaining landscape around our water ways is critical to the health of the water ways ecosystem. 

We can assist you on the design, construction and maintenance program of water ways and landscape to ensure the ongoing health of the system. 

Our services include;

  • Weed identification and removal

  • Erosion and sediment control

  • Storm water run-off control

  • Re-vegetation and planting

  • Dam cleaning

All our work is undertaken by experienced tradesman that have vast experience in landscape construction.  

Weed Management
Weed spraying

Our dedicated weed management team have many years experience in identifying and controlling noxious weeds. We can tailor a program that targets specific weeds and areas without causing damage to other Flora or Fauna including in environmentally sensitive areas.

We're able to spray on a one time basis or on a regular maintenance program to ensure your weeds are under control all year round. 


Our team has experience in specialist spraying applications including rope access and EWP access for spraying large batters and dam walls that are otherwise inaccessible.

We have the equipment to carry out any task whether it's for residential, commercial, industrial or mining.

All our staff hold a current AgVet Chemical Users licence and an ACUP licence issued by the DPI is held.

Vacuum rubbish collection
Vacuum rubbish collection

We're equipped to provide a large volume vacuum rubbish and leaf litter removal from arenas, parklands or paddocks.

This specialist piece of equipment is towed behind a tractor while sucking rubbish or leaves from the ground. It's equipped with a joystick controlled hose to clean in drains and along tree and fence lines.  

We've also equipped it with a 5 ft flail mower attachment. The mower attachment enables it to be used as a large catcher mower.

It catches and stores up to 4.5 cubic meters of material on board before it needs emptying. A large skip bin is required on site for collection of waste.

This is the fastest and most cost effective way to remove high volumes of rubbish or leaves from large areas.

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